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HKS Stainless Front Pipe Suit Toyota GR86 ZN8 FA24

HKS Stainless Front Pipe Suit Toyota GR86 ZN8 FA24


GR86 ZN8

Code No. 33004-BT003








  • Iconic HKS sound was tuned based on the frequency test data, and combination of the catalyzer and resonator silencer were selected. Even with the combination of HKS Catless Exhaust Manifold + Hi-Power Spec L Exhaust, you will not feel any rumble or blat noise in the car. Enjoy the powerful sound without any discomfort.
  • Even with the catalyzer, it achieved 30 % greater flow capacity at the flow rate of 150L/s compared to stock during the flow bench testing.
  • At the same time, it is lighter than stock.



Main material SUS304
Diameter of pipe D60
Diameter of catalyzer D62
Minimum clearance from the ground
after product installation(location)
Weights (stock/HKS) 5.5kg / 3.3kg
Close noise level Stock 82dB
(Stock manifold+FP+HML)
(HKS manifold+FP+HML)








Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Consist of Code No. Manual Remarks
GR86 ZN8 FA24 21/10 - 60mm 1 33004-BT003
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