A vehicle was originally made just for transportation; nowadays it has become a tool to highlight its style, design, and performance. Tuning was created by this significant change.
It can be said that the history of tuning is the history of HKS.
We have been observing the vehicle performance carefully and developing a product from scratch, and we have been growing as a pioneer of tuning.


    A vehicle was originally made just for transportation; nowadays it has become a tool to highlight its style, design, and performance. Tuning was created by this significant change.
    It can be said that the history of tuning is the history of HKS.
    We have been observing the vehicle performance carefully and developing a product from scratch, and we have been growing as a pioneer of tuning.

  2. 1973.10HKS was established.

  3. 1974.07HKS introduced world's first turbocharger kit.


    HKS introduced world's first turbo kit FET for SKYLINE (GC100) L20 engine. It had improved 40% more of the stock power.
    Stock L20: 115ps, 16.5kgm
    FET: 160ps, 23.0kgm
    It shocked world and created a great sensation. 5 years later, turbo-charger era began with the auto maker release of stock turbo vehicles.

  5. 1977.03Introduction of HKS brand turbocharger kit.


    To make a better turbo than the FET, HKS purchased turbo charger from USA and developed original turbo kit.
    For the engine, HKS developed kit and sold for SKYLINE L20SU Carburetor, CELICA 18R-G and other sport cars.

  7. 1981.07HKS USA Inc. was established

  8. 1982.03Started development of electronic control devices.

  9. Because HKS was a total tuning company, we pioneered man y electronic products before many other makers.
    HKS introduced fuel control products "F-CON", "AIC", ignition parts "Twin Power", engine control parts "Turbo Timer", "EVC", "FCD" and intake part "VPC", etc., and they were very popular in the market.
    Especially the "EVC", "Turbo Timer" and "F-CON" were the top three sellers.

  10. 1983.02HKS M300 reached 300km/h for the first time for Japanese automobile history.

  11. HKS made "HKS M300" based on TOYOTA CELICA XX and marked 301.25km/h at Yatabe Max Speed which was the first Japanese automobile to exceed the speed of 300km/h. HKS M300 was highly tuned with base engine of 5M-G and also twin turbocharged.
    It was not easy to make this remarkable record. Many others have challenged and failed.

  12. 1984.01Developed 4 cylinders DOHC, 2.3L original engine(type:134E)


    We have developed "134E" for US professional rally and drag race. Except the G54B engine block, all other parts are HKS made originally.
    In America, HKS was under Ralliart brand, and the STARION made good results. In Japan, 134E was used and did well in the Dirt Trial race.

  14. 1984.07Built a new factory in Fujinomiya.

  15. 1985.04Built a new factory in Kitayama, Shizuoka-ken, for muffler manufacturing.


    HKS built a new factory to make muffler in the company which was the consignment production. This new business produced popular mufflers such as "Aluminum Muffler", "Riding Sport Muffler", "Turbo Muffler", "Legal Muffler" and many others.

  17. 1986.09Developed 4 cylinders DOHC 2.0L, 5 valves, original engine(186E). Participated in CG race.


    HKS developed 2000cc DOHC 4 cylinder 5 valve engine "186E" which is based on grand champion BMW M12. It was created to examine 5 valve engine characteristic. And it was used in the 1986 GC Series.

  19. 1988.10HKS introduced 2-valve DOHC engine (type:200E) for a motorcycle race.


    HKS developed the motorcycle race engine "200E", step-up engine from the "HT600", 600cc DOHC 2 cylinder 2 valve.
    For "HKS 200E" debut race, everyone was surprised by its performance and later 95% of the racing motorcycle used 200E.

  21. 1990HKS entered PRC Drag with DRAG 70 SUPRA.

  22. In the RRC Drag race's top category "Pro Stock Class", there was a car with insane performance. It was the "HKS DRAG 70 SUPRA". As a proof, in Aug. 1991, RRC 3rd race, the car broke that 8 sec. wall nobody was able to break before. It ran a 7.91!!
    The engine was 7M-G Twin Turbo, Forged Pistons, 272deg computer cam, Special oversized valves & springs, Rev limit: 8750rpm, 826 hp (850 ps) at 20 psi (~1.4 bar).

  23. 1991.01HKS introduced a complete automobile "ZERO-R".

  24. For more than 2 years of development, HKS created an original complete automobile that goes 270km/h over high performance tuned vehicle. We took the vehicle to Autobahn in Germany to test its performance.

  25. 1992.01HKS developed 3.5L, V12, 5 valves, original engine (300E) for racing. 

    For more than 2 years HKS developed the engine for F1, the top of the automobile race world. The engine had produced 680ps/13500rpm with the commercial gasoline. Because of this, HKS could improve the engineering, technology and brand value in this year.


  26. 1992.04Participated in the JTC group A with HKS R32 GT-R.

  27. HKS entered into the JTC Group A which was the top automobile race in Japan at that time with HKS R32 GT-R, and won the first victory after 2 years, at 3rd race (SUGO).
    This experience in the racing competition, HKS could gather great deal of know-how for products development for GT-R.

  28. 1994.06Started to manufacture suspension coil spring.

  29. 1994.06Participated in the RRC/BE Drag with HKS Drag R32 GT-R.

  30. From 1994 to 1996, the HKS DRAG R32 GT-R won all the RRC and BE drag series. It made the HKS reigned the drag race world.

  31. 1994.06Developed original race engine(310E). Participated in Japanese F3.


    HKS developed a racing engine “310E” for F3. We participated Japan F3 from 1994 to 1999 and won 3rd race in 1997.

  33. 1994.06Participated in the JTCC with HKS OPEL.

  34. HKS entered JTCC from 1994 to 1997 with HKS Vauxhall Cavalier and HKS Opel Vectra. We could win 3 times in 1994 and ranked 4th for the series. In 1995, also ranked 4th. In 12th round of 1997, we HKS won the race.

  35. 1995.07Participated in the FIM World Endurance Championship, Suzuka 8 hours with HKS YZF750SP.

  36. In 1995 and 1996 HKS entered the SUZUKA race and finished the race for both years. HKS once again proved our enthusiasm for racing and product development.

  37. 1995.07Participated in British F3.

  38. HKS entered Britain and South American F3 as a team. And in 1998 the team won the championship series

  39. 1995.07Project T-002 Tsukuba fastest-lap/Yatabe fastest 0-300km.

  40. HKS T-002 was tuned from the BCNR33 GT-R to go under 60 seconds at Tsukuba circuit and did record 58'716. And in Yatabe, 0 to 300km marked 17'64. These projects helped develop more RB parts. It also won the Best Tuning vehicle at Tokyo Auto Salon.

  41. 1996.03Establishment of HKS Europe Ltd. in U.K. as a sales office for Europe area.

  42. 1996.06Participated in BE Drag with DRAG 180SX(Prostock).


    From 1996 to 1997, HKS entered Be Drag race with RB26DETT engine mounted professional stock machine and won both series. We developed Drag R32 GT-R with GT3240 to produce 1185ps.

  44. 1999.06Listed on the Japan Securities Dealers Association.

  45. 1996.08Started to manufacture suspension shock absorber.

  46. HKS built a new factory to build suspension all in the company. We have introduced "Hiper Damper" which is single tube type. Now it's evolved to 4th generation HIPERMAX MAX IV.

  47. 1996.09Introduced horizontal facing 4 cycles, 2 cylinders, 680cc, Ultra Light Plane(ULP) engine(A700E).

  48. HKS entered market of Ultra-Light Plane engine and developed the "A700E" which is OHV 4 valve flat-twin engine.

  49. 1999.08Establishment of R&D facility in the Kitayama, Fujinomiya-shi. (currently main factory)

  50. With our new business improvements and expansion, we built new plant near old factory area. These new factories with new production system help produce high in quality, faster and more quantity.

  51. 2000.01
    Introduced monster machine, the HKS RACING ALTEZZA.


    In year 2000 at Tokyo Auto Salon, HKS introduced a monster machine the "HKS RACING ALTEZZA". As a leading tuning parts maker, we created this machine to show the world what we can do for a racing automobile. It marked 55'853 at Tsukuba circuit(racing slick tire).

  53. 2001.01
    Introduced drag monster, the HKS DRAG 80 SUPRA.

  54. At Tokyo Auto Salon 2001, HKS introduced HKS DRAG 80 SUPRA, the successor of the HKS DRAG 180SX. This monster machine was designed originally for US specification to go under 7 seconds.
    The engine was 3UZ which produced 1400ps then later changed to 2JZ + sequential mission specification. It had participated many competitions in the world.

  55. 2001.06
    Establishment of HKS-IT Co., Ltd. for investment to HKS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Equity-method affiliate)

    Establishment of HKS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Equity-method affiliate) as a base of sales for South East Asian countries.

  56. 2002.02HKS has entered the D1 Grand Prix, the new category of racing, with HKS S15 HYPER SILVIA.


    HKS S15 HYPER SILVIA debuted at the round1 of Bihoku Highland Park D1GP. HKS teamed up with Nobuteru Taniguchi and participated in D1 as a works team. We won the first race in the 2nd round at Ebisu circuit, and ranked 2nd for the whole series.
    In 2003, HKS HYPER SILVIA RS-2 was introduced at the 5th round of Ebisu circuit and ranked 4th for the whole series.

  58. 2002.02Participated in JGTC GT500 with HKS CLK.

  59. HKS participated in the JGTC GT500 with HKS CLK. It's a totally HKS original tuned vehicle

  60. 2003.02Establishment the HKS Technical Factory.

  61. 2003.02TRB-02 MAX SPEED project in the TSUKUBA Circuit.

  62. HKS developed the tuned vehicle TRB-02 for max speed time attack project in the Tsukuba Circuit from LANCER EVOLUTION VIII. It recorded best time of 55'000 and next year, 54'739!

  63. 2003.02Establishement of Lifecare Mobility, INC. in U.S.A. for sales of welfare vehicles parts. (Consolidated subsidiary)

  64. 2004.10HKS has entered the D1 Grand Prix with a new Racing Performer IS220R, the Altezza base machine.

  65. HKS tuned ALTEZZA for 2004 D1GP, the "Racing Performer IS220R". It was debuted at the 6th round of Ebisu circuit. In this year, HKS ranked 2nd for the whole series.

  66. 2004.12
    Cancelled from listing on Japan Securities Dealers Association and listed on Jasdaq Securities Exchange, Inc.

  67. 2006.10Released the torque reaction traction drive type Supercharger.


    HKS developed a new generation torque reaction traction drive type supercharger. This new centrifugation method supercharger called "GT SUPERCHARGER" is superior in the performance and still environment friendly.

  69. 2006.10HKS has challenged for a best time attack by tuned vehicle in the major domestic circuits with the Racing Performer CT230R.


    At Tokyo Auto Salon 2006, HKS announced that we will perform time attack at all the Japanese main racing circuits with Lancer Evolution IX base "Racing Performer CT230R".

    04/25 Fuji Speedway 1'43'451 10/21 Sport Land SUGO 1'23'156
    08/06 Tokachi Speedway 1'21'536 11/14 Fuji Speedway 1'42'374
    09/20 Okayama International Circuit 1'32'537 12/05 Tsukuba Circuit 53'999
    09/21 Central Circuit 1'17'471      

    And we did established many best circuit records. We even went to US and set the best course record of 1'43'523 in the BUTTONWILLOW RACEWAY.

  71. 2007.09Released the Supercharger for Marine jet.

  72. HKS supercharger was employed in the YAMAHA marine jet, MJ-FX Cruiser SHO, MJ-FX SHO and MJ-FZS. HKS once again proved its high engineering skill.

  73. 2008.04HKS has entered the D1 Grand Prix in 2 years with the HKS YOKOMO Racing performer IS220R/Z.


    After the CT230R world time attack project, just for 2 rounds, HKS entered D1GP in 2 years with "HKS YOKOMO Racing Performer IS220Z" and "HKS YOKOMO Racing Performer IS220R" based on the Toyota Altezza.

  75. 2008.07Release of bi-fuel conversion kit that enables fuel changeover operation of engine between gasoline and CNG(Compressed Natural Gas).

  76. 2010.04Introduced HKS original design of Ball Bearing Turbo GT II Turbine.

  77. HKS developed new original turbine GT II with development of an engine. This new turbine was designed for each automobile. We made a best product by testing over and over and redesigning as many times as necessary for the best performance.

  78. 2010.10Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ (Standard) due to the integration of former JASDAQ, Nippon New Market Hercules, and NEO.

  79. 2011.12Passed the latest certification exhaust gas examination for CNG vehicle engine.

  80. With HKS technology and know-how in the exhaust system, we converted 9,800cc diesel engine into CNG engine and with special metal catalyzer, it cleared the Japan Gas Association regulation which is very difficult.
    HKS is making advanced eco-friendly products, too for the future business.

  81. 2012.01Full entrance to the D1GP with 86.

  82. In 6 years, HKS entered D1GP for the full season with the new FR Toyota 86 tuned car.
    By participating D1, we can test and develop products for 86/BRZ for the most efficient tuning.
    2012 and 2013, HKS and Nobuteru Taniguchi will try our best to win the tournament!

  83. 2012.09Establishment of HKS (SHANGHAI) TRADING CO., LTD (Present name: HKS(SHANGHAI)AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, Present consolidated subsidiary) in China as a base of sales in China.

  84. 2013.07Listed with Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (Standard) due to the integration of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange.

  85. 2017.01Establishment of HKS USA, Inc. (Present consolidated subsidiary) in the United States.

  86. 2017.03HKS-IT Co., Ltd. (Present consolidated subsidiary) built a factory in Samutprakan, Thailand.

  87. 2018.05Nissei Kogyo Co. (Present consolidated subsidiary) built a factory in Misato-cho, Kodama-gun, Saitama.
    Relocated the head office from Ota-ku, Tokyo to Misato-cho, Kodama gun, Saitama.