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HKS Oil Cooler Kit For Honda Civic Type-R FK8

HKS Oil Cooler Kit For Honda Civic Type-R FK8


Oil Cooler Kit with Optimum Core Size and Layout Design.
The kit for the fastest FF model CIVIC TYPE-R(FK8) is released.





■Product Development Concept

The K20C engine generates 320ps with 2.0 displacement; therefore, the vehicle is equipped with a water-cooled oil cooler to stabilize the extreme high engine output. However, under circuit driving, the temperature of both oil and water rise sharply because adequate heat radiation cannot be obtained, and fail safe mode becomes activated.
Adding HKS air cooling type oil cooler kit provides high heat exchange efficiency to suppress the temperature rise not only of the oil but also the water. HKS oil cooler kit includes a special aluminum air guide.



  • Newly developed 48mm wide 9-layper oil cooler core and special air duct to extract the maximum performance are utilized and mounted to the inside of the inner fender.
  • The oil pump’s pulsation noise generated by increase of engine rotation sometimes transmits to the vehicle interior through the high pressure-resistant stainless mesh hose.  HKS oil cooler kit has the insulator to substantially reduce this pulsation noise.
  • The attachment has a thermostat to restrain excessive cooling of the part.
  • Vehicle modification required to install this kit is minimized. (Modification of back of the bumper, inner fender, and brake duct are only required.)



■Test Data




Core Installation Position


Insulator to reduce the oil pump operation noise.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Core Size・Row Core Location Type Hose Size Code No. Remarks
CIVIC TYPE R FK8 K20C 17/09- 200x122.5x48・9 Inside right fender S type #10

15004-AH004 Standard Installation Time: 4 hours
Aluminum air guide is included.


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