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HKS LEGAMAX Sports Exhaust Suit Honda Civic Type R 6BA FL5

HKS LEGAMAX Sports Exhaust Suit Honda Civic Type R 6BA FL5



Civic Type R 6BA-FL5

Code No. 31021-AH005


High performance muffler that combines both "quietness" and "low exhaust pressure"



By adopting a low exhaust pressure design 75 pipe with a full straight structure and a full straight structure without restriction, we have achieved a low exhaust pressure of 30% compared to the original product. The adoption of a titanium tail with the Φ119 HKS logo creates a sporty rear view.

Sound tuning eliminates unpleasant muffled sounds. With the
valve less design, you can enjoy a robust sporty sound throughout the entire range. In addition, sound tuning eliminates unpleasant muffled sounds inside the car, creating a comfortable interior space.










Certification number JQR30233117
Car model name civic type r
Model FL5
engine type K20C
Model year 22/09 - 
muffler shape Ti (Titan)
(LEGAMAX Sports)
Main material S3/S4L
Tail outer diameter 119
Intermediate pipe diameter 74.7 → 60.5 × 2 (*1)
Proximity exhaust sound normal 84
HKS 93
Regarding ground clearance when installed (*2) numerical value 125mm
Kit target area Genuine front under panel
HKS product weight 18.5kg

Comes with a dedicated actuator for mounting the genuine motor



About HKS muffler

*1: Regarding the intermediate pipe,
the Φ number of the intermediate pipe diameter in the muffler is the Φ number of the thickest part of the configuration (excluding the outer diameter of the shell and tail).

*2: When the HKS muffler is installed, the part where the clearance between the HKS muffler (all parts included in the kit) and the road surface is the smallest is listed. Therefore, it may differ from the minimum ground clearance of the vehicle itself.
The data is basically for a normal suspension vehicle, but please note that there is also some data when used in combination with a lowering spring or vehicle height adjustment kit.

Note: Hooks, brackets, and stays are subject to change without notice.

★Exhaust volume at idling

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