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HKS Carbon Suction Kit Suit Toyota GR86 ZN8

HKS Carbon Suction Kit Suit Toyota GR86 ZN8


GR86 ZN8

Code No. 70026-AT011

Dedicated to both aesthetics and performance, by combining the beauty of carbon with performance.

Beautiful surface intake pipe made from 3K twill weave carbon prepreg.

Smooth inner pipe surface improves intake efficiency.

High temperature resistance silicone elbow hose that reduces deformation.

●Intake Pipe

  • Using the hot press method, the surface is made of 3K* twill weave carbon prepreg* while using UD* prepreg on the inside.

*3K: 3,000 Carbon Fibers
  Prepreg: Heat cured resin containing fibers in advance
  UD: Single-direction carbon fiber. UD achieves high strength by laminating multiple sheets in different stacking orientations.

  • The curing process is performance by using a silicon bag on the inside of the pipe at high pressure and high temperature. As a result, high strength is achieved in addition to a smooth inner surface. Air flows smoothly while retaining sufficient strength.

●Silicone Elbow Hose

Made from high temperature resistant silicone. The smooth internal surface reduces intake resistance, while the internal core wire suppresses deformation and improves reliability.


* In-house data

Intake resistance has been reduced, by replacing the stock rubber hose with a straight carbon pipe.

The stock chamber enhances the engine’s intake pulsation effect, which has a positive effect on performance. We designed the silicone elbow hose to be used in conjunction with the stock chamber.

Stock Chamber


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
GR86 3BA- ZN8 FA24 21/10 - 70026-AT011 Installation time: 1.0h
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