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HKS Carbon Fuse Box Cover Suit Toyota GR Corolla GZEA14H

HKS Carbon Fuse Box Cover Suit Toyota GR Corolla GZEA14H



Code No. 70026-AT014



Dry carbon for discerning owners who appreciate the distinction, elevating the engine compartment to a realm of luxury



■Product Features

The use of lightweight, high-strength autoclaved dry carbon material not only enhances the performance but also adds a racy and glamorous touch to the engine compartment. 
This material is made from prepreg, which involves impregnating carbon fibers with thermosetting resin in advance. The result is a beautiful finish with no fiber distortion, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.





●Fuse Box Cover



  • This is a performance & custom part that replaces the stock engine cover. By using twill weave carbon, the interior of the engine compartment can be upgraded to a luxurious space.
  • This is a custom part to be used over the stock fuse box. The same twill weave carbon material is used as the engine cover to make it consistent. HKS logo is printed on the surface.
  • It is a dress-up part that makes you fun of opening the hood.




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
GR COROLLA GZEA14H G16E-GTS 22/12 - 70026-AT014
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