Type H

Code No. 45012-AH002



A device for not showing the variable damper system error of the factory suspension on an indicator.





■Display of the Speedometer

An error message is shown on the display when removing the factory variable damper.

Installing the SEC II Type H eliminates the error message.



■Product Overview

  • SEC II Type H is a device to hides the error message shown on the indicator when removing the factory variable damper.
  • It is effective in the case of occurring the error of the factory variable damper system when replacing the factory variable damper with aftermarket parts.



  • The error in the variable damper system control unit is not eliminated.
  • The fault diagnostic device may not be able to use while installing the SEC II Type H.




  • It keeps enabling the function of the SEC II Type H even though upgrading the variable damper system control unit, thanks to an add-on type device.
  • It can be installed easily without wiring because of the accompanying installation harness for SEC II Type H.

The previous model of 45012-AH001 has been discontinued due to the situation of procurement of the parts.
This will be sold as an alternative product for 45012-AH001; however, the main specifications are the same as the previous model.



■How to Install

*The sample is CIVIC Type-R (FK8).

The variable damper system control unit is behind the interior of the back seat on the left side.

Remove the connector. Install the provided harness between the unit and the vehicle harness.

3.Fix the SEC II Type H harness with the provided double-sided tape and the cable tie.




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Code No. Manual Remarks
CIVIC FC1 L15B 17/09 -20/08 Type H 45012-AH002 A suspension and error canceller kit is available for FC1 and FC3. (Code No. 80300-KH001C)