GR86 ZN8

Code No. 12001-AT013



Maximize extra power of the 2.4L!
Bolt-on Supercharger Kit for FA24




INTERCOOLER (383×178×100)




  • ØVehicle-specific kit featuring GT2 SUPERCHARGER “GT2-7040L”,  with mounting brackets, piping, intercooler, traction fluid and other related parts, with a layout designed to reduce installation modifications to a minimum. (Setting with after market control unit is suggested.)
    *Check engine light may turn on depending on control and driving conditions.
  • Designed to use stock air cleaner layout for quietness and intake air temperature. From everyday use to sports driving, you can enjoy the supercharged feeling of the GT2 SUPERCHARGER seamlessly.
  • By controlling the engine with the specialized F-CON iS, currently under development and scheduled for release in spring 2023, maximizing the output to 219 kW (297 PS), an increase of 42 kW (56 ps) over the stock engine.





Test Vehicle Specifications
Vehicle TOYOTA GR86 (ZN8)  Transmission E-6AT
Engine Components Unmodified
Supercharger GT2-7040L
Engine Control Stock ECU + F-CON iS (under development)


Output Characteristic
  Stock HKS GT2 S/C
Max Output 177kW(241PS)/6700rpm 219kW(297PS)/6100rpm
MAX Torque 261N・m(26.6kg・m)/4400rpm 351N・m(35.8kg・m)/4500rpm





【Notice for Installation】

  • It is recommended to use with the engine oil cooler and engine oil which high temperature viscosity is more than 40.
  • Minor modification of the bumper reinforcement and radiator support.
  • Required installation time is about 8.5 hours.



Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year S/C SIZE Code No. Manual Remarks
GR86 ZN8 FA24 21/10 - GT2-7040L 12001-AT013 * Compatible with both MT and AT models. * After market control unit is suggested.