(MUFFLER) Super Turbo Muffler for GT-R (DBA-R35)


Code No. 31029-AN010



  • Achieves low exhaust pressure with a straight pipe geometry of D101.6mm middle pipe and D70mm x 2 to D60mm x 4 main pipe. In addition, by making the inner and outer tails different in diameter, a dynamic rear visual appeal is obtained.
  • To accommodate the step-up in performance modifications, the exhaust flow path is not restricted at all, and is combined with a large-capacity silencer to achieve a high level of performance and silence control. High output performance is achieved while ensuring sufficient silencing performance. It remains smooth and gentle at idle and at the city ride, but once you step on the gas pedal, you will enjoy the sporty, punchy and powerful exhaust sound.












Cert. No. JQR10223126
Vehicle GT-R
Model R35
Engine VR38DETT
Model Year 11/11 - 16/06


Shape of muffler Ti-1 (Titan)
(Super Turbo Muffler)
Main material S304
Diameter of tip 124, 110
Diameter of center pipe 101.6→70×2, 60×4 (*1)
Close noise level Stock 92
HKS 87
About road clearance(*2) Clearance 110mm
Portion of the kit Mid pipe
Product Weight

Only compatible with DBA-R35 11/2011 - 6/2016
*Not applicable for models CBA-R35 from 12/2008 to 10/2010, DBA-R35 from 11/2010 to 10/2011, DBA-R35 from 7/2016 to 5/2019 and 4BA/R35 from 6/2019



About HKS muffler

*1: About center pipe
Diameter of center pipe is the portion that has the largest diameter. (Excluding silencer and tip.) It is the condition with stock suspension.

*2: Minimum road clearance between HKS muffler (Any parts included in the kit) and road surface. Therefore, it may be different from actual road clearance of the vehicle.
The data is basically the condition with stock suspension. However, please understand that some items have data with low down spring or ride height adjustable suspension kit.

Caution: Hook, bracket, stay may be changed without prior notice.

★ Exhaust noise level at idle.