(INTAKE) Cold Air Intake Full Kit for GR YARIS (GXPA16)


Code No. 70026-AT004



Exclusive intake box prevents intake temperature rise
Highly efficient intake system specially designed for HKS “Carbon Racing Suction”



The Super Power Flow is separated from the engine compartment by box to prevent intake air temperature rise.

Rain guards installed to prevent direct splashing of rainwater on Super Power Flow




  • The heat insulator that comes with the carbon racing suction can be used without modification, and can be completely separated from the engine compartment by installing a large capacity air duct, side panels and cleaner box cover. It facilitates the introduction of fresh air and prevents the rise in intake air temperature.
  • The cleaner box cover, air ducts and side panels are made of dry carbon produced by an autoclave process, which makes the product overwhelmingly light and strong, and the 3K twill weave carbon surface finishes the engine bay.
  • The glossy clear finish CFRP is consistent with other HKS carbon parts and gives the engine bay a racy look.
  • Although the air cleaner is covered by a box, it does not spoil the sporty intake sound that only a bare type air cleaner can produce.



■Performance Data

*In-house Testing Data


  • Intake air temperatures can be accurately compared regardless of environmental conditions by using the WLTC mode on a chassis dynamometer that can control room temperature. 。
  • Carbon Racing Suction is an open type air cleaner and is affected by the engine compartment temperature rise when the car is parked, but the Cold Air Intake Kit can keep the intake air temperature lower than that of the stock air cleaner.
  • While maintaining the intake efficiency of the Carbon Racing Suction, it supplies cooler air to the turbo, greatly contributing to improved performance.



■Performance Data

*In-house Testing Data


Although the gain at high RPM is not significantly different from that of the “Carbon Racing Suction” alone, the “Cold Air Intake Box” suppresses the temperature rise and produces more torque than both the stock and “Carbon Racing Suction” alone, mainly in the 3000-5000 RPM range.






Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Kit Code No. Manual Remarks
GR YARIS GXPA16 G16E-GTS 20/09 - Dry Carbon Racing Suction + Cold Air Intake Box 70026-AT004 Full kit with "Carbon Racing Suction" (70028-AT002).