S2000 AP1

Code No. 14007-AH006



Fuel Upgrade Kit containing high-capacity injectors, fuel pump, and restrictor for GT Supercharger.






  • 6 jet injection hole.
  • Improved injector performance has increased the output volume, while shorting the invalid injection time compared to the previous 650 cc (yellow) type.
     (Voltage 14V and Fuel pressure 300 kPa Former 650 cc: 1350 μsec >>> New 750 cc: 1030 μsec).
  • No modifications are required for installation. The factory wiring harness can be used without modification.
  • O-rings (2-piece) and spacer (backup ring) have been included to the fuel line connector for improved sealing.
  • All injectors are tested. 4 injectors with similar performance are combined into one kit for one vehicle.
  • Fuel Upgrade Kit for AP1, which includes a dia.44 restrictor for GT Supercharger and GT2 Supercharger and a large capacity fuel pump (at 260 I/h 300 kPa).



Invalid Injection Time

Supply Voltage (V) 8 10 12 14 16 18
300kPa 2470 1680 1270 1025 855 710
350kPa 2715 1790 1335 1070 880 725




  • Injector (x4)
    Conversion Connector
    Backup Ring (Spacer)
    Head-Side Collar
    High-Capacity Fuel Pump
    Dia.44 restrictor,  etc.




  • Please upgrade the fuel rail according to vehicle specifications.




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Outer diameter Length (mm) HKS pump (L/h) Normal pump (L/h) HKS injector Normal injector Code No. Manual Remarks
S2000 AP1 F20C 99/04 -05/10 260 750 320 14007-AH006 A restrictor with dia. 44 for GT SUPERCHARGER is provided.