ABARTH 595 31214T

Code No. VIITS-EX002



HKS presents special exhaust for ABARTH 595 that incorporates HKS exhaust technologies.




Certification Number JQR10234061
Main Material SUS304
Tail Tip Outer Diameter D110mm x 2
Main Pipe Diameter D60mm - D50mm x 2
Exhaust Noise (Stock) Drive-by: 93dB
Static: 72dB
Exhaust Noise (HKS) Drive-by: 90dB
Static: 71dB
Minimum Ground Clearance 110mm (1st Mid Pipe)



Synchronizing quietness, sensual sound and output power, the system delivers an unprecedented driving pleasure.



  1. The silencer and some pipe sections are made of thin-walled stainless steel material used in the High-Power Spec L series to reduce weight.
  2. A specially developed valve unit is applied to achieve both quietness at idling / daily use and a pleasant sound when you step on the gas pedal. You can enjoy ABARTH 595’s iconic exhaust sound while meeting the strict noise level regulations in Japan.
  3. Applying the technology of the Super Sound Master series, the pipe lengths of the left and right branching pipes are optimized to improve exhaust efficiency.
  4. The technology developed for the super turbo muffler has enabled a straight structure with no restrictions to achieve higher exhaust efficiency while meeting Japanese vehicle inspections.
  5. The tail tip gives an classy impression by utilizing the natural color of the stainless steel.




Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Material Tip O.D. Pipe Size Consist of Close Sound Level Idling Sound Level Code No. Manual Remarks
Stock HKS Stock HKS
ABARTH 595 ABA- 31214T 312A3 17/02 - RS S3 110 L&R 60 - 50 x 2 4 93 90 72 71 VIITS-EX002 *For Japanese specification COMPETIZIONE