(ENGINE) GROMMET TYPE HEAD GASKET for FA24 Thickness t=1.2mm


Code No. 23002-AT005






A grommet-type head gasket that supports the tuning of a vehicle with a turbocharger.






  • It improves the sealing limit by securing the surface pressure of the gasket sealing surface by employing the grommet structure.
  • We also have the gasket with a thickness of t = 1.2 mm, which can lower the compression ratio for dimensional correction during overhaul and for those who use it at high boost pressure.
  • Buckling may cause between the cylinder head and the sealing surface of the cylinder block due to applying increased surface pressure.

HKS Grommet type



Compression ratio at the cylinder head without resurfacing

Gasket Thickness (mm) OEM 2.4L HKS 2.5L KIT 
0.6 (Stock) 12.5 12.2
0.8 12.2 11.8
1.2 11.6 11.3




Engine Thickness(mm) Compression Ratio Bore Code No. Manual Remarks
FA24 1.2 11.3 * Φ95 23002-AT005 OEM thickness t=0.6 mm
* The compression ratio comes from using the HKS Piston Full Kit FA24 2.5L HIGH COMP STEP 1 or 2.