Crank Angle Sensor Conversion Kit

High accuracy crank angle signal sensing and a wider range of settings bring out the true potential of the RB26DETT!

  • Cam Angle Sensor (For Solid Camshaft)

  • Cam Angle Sensor Cover (For V CAM)

  • HKS Crank Angle Trigger (36-2T)


  • This is a field proven kit used in HKS complete engine (RB28 HIGH RESPONSE/STEP3 V CAM).
  • The stock crank angle signal is calculated by the cam angle sensor, and the rotation signal is subject to fluctuation due to timing belt wobble and other factors. With this kit, the crank angle sensor and cam angle sensor can be set to accurately read the rotation signal, allowing the ignition setting to be precisely adjusted at high RPM.
  • By resetting the fuel and ignition timing to match the improved sensor accuracy, a 5-7% increase in power output is expected.
  • The price of the stock Cam Angle Sensor has skyrocketed, and replacing it with this kit is a more advantageous deal, as it provides better performance and refreshing.
  • As ignition coils get worn out, ignition noise could be picked up by the ECU, causing it to misrecognize the rotation signal. Simultaneous replacement with HKS SUPER FIRE RACING COIL PRO (43005-AN001, 43005-AN002, 43005-AN003) is recommended.
  • Specially designed harnesses with noise suppression transmit more accurate signals by simply replacing deteriorated harnesses.
  • Accurate crank angle readings with 36-2T crank trigger.
  • HKS oil pump upgrade assuming the combined use of the HKS crank angle sensor conversion kit has been sold. (Code No. 15003-AN002)
Vibration of rotation signal (Stock Sensor: upper, HKS Sensor: lower)

Black: RPM
Green: RPM shifts

The HKS sensor has less fluctuation and can accurately read the crank angle at high RPM range, allowing for a more detailed setting. Also, it protects the engine and brings out the true performance of the RB26.