Code No. 43005-AN004



Secondary voltage strengthened maximumly 2.2 times compared to the stock.
Prevents the engine misfire with strong sparks even at a high rpm.



Withstand voltage materials and heat-resisting materials are used in the ignition coil boot and ignition coil spring.
It helps reliable ignition even though high-load conditions that the spark difficult to fly.




  • The position of the ignition coil cover is placed on the top of the bracket to away the coil cover from heat to improve the life of the ignition coil. An alumite treatment is implemented on the bracket to ensure durability and product aesthetic.
  • A reliable Made in Japan quality provides high-durability and high performance.
  • A deteriorated harness can be refreshed by using a special harness.
  • The harness with a coupler does not need any complicated wiring work.
    A specially designed bracket and the harness make easy installation.
  • The built-in igniter cuts the need for preparing a power transistor which might be broken down by age deterioration.
  • The O-ring in the coil spacer provides the benefits of dust prevention and waterproofing to the cylinder head, and noise reduction effect to the plate side.
  • A specially designed spark plug rubber cap prevents the flashover (Insulator spark plug leakage).


What is a Flashover (Insulator Spark Leakage)?

Flashover is the phenomenon where the sparks are discharged between the plug terminal and the metal shell. It causes engine misfires. Using an inappropriate size of the plug cap increases the risk of flashover.






  • Use an ECU that can control the dwell time.
  • The engine spark plug cover cannot be attached to the product.
  • Using the HKS SUPER FIRE RACING PLUG which has excellent anti-wear resistance is recommended to bring out the product performance effectively.
  • Please make sure the engine type on your vehicle is compatible with the product before purchasing the product.




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
SILVIA PS13 SR20DET 91/01 -92/12 43005-AN004 Compatible with KPS13. Not compatible with SR20DE and CA18DET.