Code No. 70029-AN001





We meticulously enhance the BNR32 factory layout by incorporating the carbon intake system from our latest R&D. With a relentless focus on efficiency, every aspect of this system has been fine-tuned to deliver unparalleled performance.


With the aim of making the regrettably discontinued vintage cars more appealing and more reliable, HKS has incorporated the latest parts development technology and future-oriented technology to develop more advanced heritage parts.
The first product is a carbon intake system that feeds back the Advanced Heritage Concept to product BNR32 factory layout intake and thoroughly pursues the efficiency of each part.





Major components are made of CFRP.


Image of installation




  • CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) is utilized for the primary components, including the piping and air cleaner box, to achieve a weight reduction of approximately 65% compared to the factory intake system. For enhanced heat resistance, a high heat-resistant prepreg with a temperature resistance of 350°C or higher is employed for the chamber pipe after supercharging and the suction pipe near the turbine, as these components are exposed to high temperatures.

  • The cleaner box has also been specially designed with CFRP, contributing to weight reduction. The air filter surface area has also been increased by approximately 6% to improve intake efficiency. The air flow sensor is not a stock component which increases the pipe diameter.
    The entire layout has been reviewed to achieve higher efficiency and a dedicated washer tank is also included in the kit.
  • The pressure loss has been significantly decreased by 46% compared to the previous installation of the HKS special piping kit. This improvement is achieved through an enlarged suction capacity and an increased cross-sectional area for introducing outside air. The dual intake ducts allow for approximately 2.4 times more air to enter than the stock system. 

  • The enclosed design minimizes the intake of hot air into the engine compartment, resulting in a reduction of up to 60% in intake air temperature during WLTC mode when compared to the exposed HKS Super Power Flow system.

  • An anti-surge plate, also known as a surge suppression rectifier plate, has been installed in the suction pipe to address the issue of intake air interference, which has been a persistent problem in the RB26 twin-turbo layout. This plate effectively increases the margin for intake air flow, helping to prevent surging and maintaining optimal performance.

Anti-surge plate to increase surge margins (CFD verification)

Verification of the front/rear balance of the pipe


Improved turbine efficiency by reducing the air flow pressure with the chamber pipe

  • The geometry of the 2-in-1 chamber pipe has been optimized to ensure consistent operating conditions for both the front and rear turbines. This improvement results in a more balanced flow and performance. In comparison to conventional HKS special piping kits, the flow discrepancy between the front and rear turbines has been reduced by an impressive 90%.



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Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
SKYLINE GT-R BNR32 RB26DETT 89/08 -94/12 70029-AN001