Advanced Heritage


This project brings innovative value to heritage parts. We take ancient heritage cars with their past glory and bring their charm back to life with modern technology and design. This results in parts with a whole new dimension, a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

Exclusive for HKS dealers and distributors

Voice Of Customer

  • Want to keep driving my old car that I have a lot of feelings for.
  • Customise oun classic car, but am concerned about environmental concerns such as exhaust emissions and CO2 emissions.
  • Give the car the latest modification after it has gone out of production.
  • Want to restore oun old car and make it more attractive than the latest cars.

HKS Proposal

HKS has started to develop more advanced heritage parts, incorporating the latest parts development technology and latest technology, with the aim of making older cars that have been sadly discontinued more attractive and more reliable.

  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to vintage cars as well. We believe in providing exciting tuning options for classic vehicles while simultaneously promoting environmental friendliness.
  • With this approach, we aim to revolutionize the market by offering never-before-seen tuning parts that cater to the desires of vintage car enthusiasts.

The concept of Advanced Heritage is to provide aftermarket parts that have never been available before and to crafted to the customers who love vintage cars.

HKS will continue to provide a variety of custom parts for the automotive society of the future, HKS will continue to support the culture of enjoying driving and the culture of a car.


We meticulously enhance the BNR32 factory layout by incorporating the carbon intake system from our latest R&D. With a relentless focus on efficiency, every aspect of this system has been fine-tuned to deliver unparalleled performance.

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