The TAS Supra Invasion Starts Now

The TAS Supra Invasion Starts Now

The TAS Supra Invasion Starts Now

One week from now, the doors to Japan’s biggest tuning show will open. Exactly what we’ll find inside still remains to be seen, but it’s pretty safe to assume that Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 will go down in history as the year of the Supra.

If you caught any SEMA 2019 coverage, you’ll know that it was A90 overload, but Japan may actually top it – at least if HKS’s own show car selection is anything to go by.


A few days before 2019 drew to an end, Ron and I were invited to the tuning giant’s HQ at the foot of Mt. Fuji for a preview of the three Supras HKS will display at the show.

It starts off with this black street-tuned build, which runs a new version of the Yokohama Advan Racing GT wheel – made especially for the A90 – that features more concaved spokes for increased brake caliper clearance.


The next Supra is one we’ve seen before – HKS’s drift exhibition build that Nobutero Taniguichi drove at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last summer. Those with an eye for detail might notice that the car has traded its originally-fitted Pandem kit in favor of a new HKS A90 wide-body setup that features some very RWB-esque rear fender spoilers.


The kit goes on sale this month with a $7,000 price tag, or $10,000 if you opt to include the wild GT wing assembly. The latter includes complex wing stays that sprout out from the rear bumper and even tilt backwards to allow the rear hatch to be opened.


Since it’s hard to see what the kit actually looks like on a black race car sporting an iconic multi-color livery, HKS has also put together a street-going version which shows off the aero conversion’s lines a little better.


And with a full 90mm bump in width front and rear, it really transforms the A90’s appearance.


This TAS show car sits on Yokohama Advan Racing R6 wheels, but at the time of our shoot it was still waiting for a set of shiny new Endless brake calipers to be fitted.


While the addition of the optional GT wing will give the Supra a hefty dose of aggression, the more subtle extension that enhances that already prominent hatch spoiler section makes the whole ensemble look and feel more balanced.


In the coming days we’ll have a more detailed feature on each of these cars, but I just wanted to share this first bunch of modified JDM A90s to set the tone for what will likely be a very Supra-centric month.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

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