Q60 CV37

Code No. 33006-KN001





■Most suitable pipe diameter for the engine performance and characteristics

HKS adopts a pipe with a wider diameter of 60 mm compared to the stock of 45 mm.
As a result, all the pipe diameter connected to the turbine becomes 60 mm, and it is expected to increase the output significantly. 

■Sporty sound quality

Uncompromising sound quality by precisely adjusting with the silencer to enjoy the quality sound even at a high rpm without sound crack.

■Positioned a catalyst with 100 cells on both sides

Leave the expansion pipe as it is, then set up the catalyst with 100 cells on both sides. It achieves Approx.50% low back pressure reduction compared to the stock one.







Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Consist of Code No. Manual Remarks
Q60 CV37 VR30DDTT 17/** - φ60 x 2 2 33006-KN001 The minimum clearance from the ground is not changed by installing the product.