Code No. 23002-AN006



for RB26


Grommet type head gasket kit specialized for engine cooling.
(including exhaust/intake manifold and throttle gaskets)






Reviewing the cooling of the cylinder head side makes it possible to advance the ignition timing while increasing the knock limit.
The grommet structure helps to prevent the removal of the gasket, and it is perfect for high-output or circuit driving.



■Kit includes

  • Grommet type Head Gasket x 1
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket x 2
  • Intake Manifold Gasket x 1
  • Throttle Gasket x 6



  • A 1.0 mm thickness gasket for increasing the compression ratio has newly arrived.
  • While retaining the sealing effect, the holes for water to pass through were widened to the maximum extent possible to increase the amount of cooling water passing through the cylinder head.
  • It makes it possible to lower the temperature around the combustion chamber and reduce the temperature variation between the cylinders by increasing the amount of cooling water flowing through the cylinder head.
  • It improves the sealing limit by securing the surface pressure of the gasket sealing surface by employing the grommet structure.
  • Even a higher sealing effect can be obtained by using separately sold strengthened head bolts.



HKS Grommet type



Super Cooling

Super Cooling Identification mark




Engine Thickness (mm) Compression Ratio Bore Code No. Manual Remarks
RB26DETT 1.0 8.9 Φ88 23002-AN006 The product includes gaskets for an exhaust or intake manifold and a throttle.