Code No. 45009-AT015



It makes it possible to cancel the speed limiter by operating the vehicle speed pulse signal from the signal in the CAN communication.





  • This product is a speed limiter device developed for the new TOYOTA GR86 (ZN8) and SUBARU BRZ (ZD8).
  • The speed limiter can be canceled by operating only the vehicle speed pulse signal from the signals in the CAN communication. (There is no secondary negative effect concerned with releasing the speed limit.)
  • Includes an optional vehicle speed signal output line that converts the vehicle speed signal in the CAN communication into analog output. Other devices that need a vehicle speed pulse signal is able to use at the same time.
  • A speedometer on the instrumental panel properly indicates the speed even though after canceling the speed limiter (180km/h or more).

Note: This product is developed and tested based on the JDM vehicle.



■Shift Position Display in the Multi-Information Display for MT Vehicles

When the vehicle speed is 180 km/h or faster, the shift position may be displayed differently from the actual shift lever position.
This is due to vehicle controls related to the display and does not affect the actual operation of the vehicle or the function of VAC II.



■Shift Change Operation on the AT Vehicles

When driving the vehicle at a speed of 180 km/h or faster after the limiter is removed by VAC II, the operation will be as follows.
When the vehicle speed is 205 km/h or higher, it might not shift up from 5th to 6th gear.


  4th ↔ 5th 5th ↔ 6th
4th → 5th 5th → 4th 5th → 6th 6th → 5th
Under 205 km/h
Over 205 km/h ×




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Product VAC,SLD Type Code No. Manual Remarks
BRZ ZD8 FA24 21/08 - VAC II 45009-AT015