generic for levitra In the late 1950s, more than 100 years after the birth of general anesthesia, a scientist named V. H. Maddox and colleagues produced a compound named phencyclidine. Surgeons started using it to put patients to sleep during surgery, but soon found it caused hallucinations and delirium as patients awoke. So PCP promptly left the operating room and migrated to the street where, as angel dust, zombie, whack, supergrass, killer weed, embalming fluid, peace pill, and rocket fuel, it gave its users feelings of strength, power, invulnerability, numbness, out-of-body experiences, and an inordinate quantity of bad trips. A tall man approaches. He wears combat shoes and battle fatigues that sport a patch with the Bosnian fleur-de-lis. He has on a beret and, rather ridiculously on this late fall afternoon, a pair of shiny sunglasses. Yes.