Although some came to consider the typical MSF volunteer an adventurer or, in the words of a former MSF worker, a“na?ve, Schweitzerlike individual, who seeks to change the world through medical skills and goodwill,” the idea of humanitarian doctors who went where needed, blind to all obstacles, and spoke out about what they saw, took off in the public imagination. FIRST DO NO HARM The leaders of MSF Belgium had a different philosophy. Let the French give press conferences and write articles and books; the Belgians would act in the war zone. Eric, though he worked for the Belgian section, shared many of the French leader’s opinions. Providing humanitarian aid was not the way to end this war. Still, he clung to the hope that humanitarians could accomplish something important in Bosnia, and not only with aid. He had another idea, an activist idea: to interpose between victims and aggressors. “What happened?”

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