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HKS JapanWelcome to the HKS Australia website, the home of the highest quality products to make your car perform at it's peak whether it be an all out race R35 GT-R, a weekend warrier EVO or even an everyday driver.  HKS Australia is dedicated to bringing you service that is as high quality as the products themselves.  With plenty of international event wins and world records held by cars using HKS products you know you're getting the best and do we not only create these great parts, we learn from their success on the race track to further improve performance and drivability.

What we have to offer are high performance Exhaust systems, Suspension, Intakes, Turbos & Superchargers, Race Oils specific to your car and plenty more of which you can find right here on this website. Feel free to peruse as much as you'd like and if you have any questions head on over to the contact us page and send us an e-mail or give us a call on (07) 3808 1986.

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GT Supercharger

GT Supercharger Universal


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Displacement Kit

RB26DETT 2.8L Capacity Upgrade

21004-AN009 to AN012

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New product release

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