Nearly a week had gone by since I was admitted, but inside the hospital it was as if time didnt exist. Stephen likened the atmosphere to Atlantic City, with beeping blood pressure monitors instead of slot machines and sad, sick patients instead of sad, sick gamblers. Like a casino, there were no clocks or calendars. It was a stabilized, static environment; the only thing that punctuated the time was the endless activity of the nurses and doctors. From what my family could tell, I had developed an affection for two of the nurses: Edward and Adeline. Nurse Edward, a burly guy with a warm smile, was the only man on a floor of all female nurses, and because of this, he was often mistaken for a doctor. He took it in stride, maintaining an extraordinarily cheery disposition, and joked with me about the Yankees and theNew York Post, his favorite newspaper. By contrast, Nurse Adeline, a middle-aged Filipino woman, was tigerishly efficient, a straight shooter who offered a healthy dose of discipline. Apparently she had a calming effect on me. Eric watched soldiers manhandle bedridden patients, pulling those with fractured limbs out of their beds and depositing them onto the seats of buses supposedly bound for hospitals in Croatia and Serbia. Faced with dozens of menacing soldiers, Eric felt unable to protest the nature of the evacuation and resolved to register a complaint with the army later.
FT 86 / BRZ

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