furosemide lasix contraindications The next day he set out with twelve volunteers to join a risky offensive—a coordinated action of local militias for a high point in an area called Shpat from which Chetnik gunners and artillerists targeted Srebrenica and launched attacks on Muslim villages. Having heard about the death in Ilijaz’s family, the others expected his unit to sit this one out. He felt hehad to go, though he knew that an irrational, momentary zeal was driving him.Inat. The desire for revenge. By the following week, so many physicians had left Bosnia that Nedret was asked to lend a hand in the operating room of Tuzla hospital. The pathology chief called Nedret and told him that he was afraid to commute from his home in Serbia to the hospital in Bosnia, because Serb forces had barricaded the routes. He instructed Nedret on preparing students for their final exams, assuring him he would return the following week when all of this had blown over. It was the first week of April 1992. Nothing blew over. Nedret’s mentor did not return to Tuzla. Nedret never left the surgery department. cost of synthroid
FT 86 / BRZ

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