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hks aust2_250  F-CON_D-iD_White

HKS Diesel Tuning

HKS Australia Diesel division technical partner


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F-CON D Black small

F-CON iD black small

  • Fuel Control Sub-Computer for Common Rail Type Diesel Engine.
  • Direct Injector signal processing enables the use of this product in various vehicles
  • No vehicle specific data is available. Setting must be done using the data programming software F-CON iD EasyWriter






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  • Device to increase fuel controlled by a sub-computer
  • FCD function to deactivate the factory ECU's boost-cut
  • Common rail pressure adjustment function
  • Airflow sensor signal correction function
  • Pressure Sensor signal correction function(Boost pressure of electric VN Turbo vehicles is able to be increased)
  • Using the data programming software "F-CON iD EasyWriter" can edit correction data and maps with USB Connection
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Must be Authorised HKS Dealer