It seemed surreal to Eric. This, he thought, was a city in the middle of civilization, in the middle of Europe! It was completely destroyed. He can think of one thing that might make a positive difference—install an MSF team in the town, at least one international surgeon, nurse, and assistant. Not only will they provide needed support at the hospital, but their presence could also play a protective role. They could stay until the war is over. They could interpose between victims and killers. This is where MSF has to be.
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  • Fuel Control Sub-Computer for Common Rail Type Diesel Engine.
  • Direct Injector signal processing enables the use of this product in various vehicles
  • No vehicle specific data is available. Setting must be done using the data programming software F-CON iD EasyWriter






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  • Device to increase fuel controlled by a sub-computer
  • FCD function to deactivate the factory ECU's boost-cut
  • Common rail pressure adjustment function
  • Airflow sensor signal correction function
  • Pressure Sensor signal correction function(Boost pressure of electric VN Turbo vehicles is able to be increased)
  • Using the data programming software "F-CON iD EasyWriter" can edit correction data and maps with USB Connection
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