Clomid price Not long before, eastern Bosnia’s villagers had buzzed with excitement when one of their own, Ejub Ali?, finished medical school and went to work with the city folk in Srebrenica. It wasn’t a common occurrence for a peasant to become a professional, and Ilijaz Pilav’s parents had taken note. Now they, too, could boast as their son followed in Ejub’s footsteps, beginning work as a general practitioner in the Srebrenica health clinic. At Ilijaz’s insistence, several men lifted Akif out of the car and Ilijaz surveyed his body for injury. A wounded Serb soldier had thrown a grenade at him when he entered the garage of the hunting lodge in Vitez. Fortunately, a piece of shrapnel appeared to have little more than glanced his right flank. Ilijaz bandaged his wound to stop it from bleeding and prepared to move him to the house that served as an improved clinic.
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