By late afternoon, some soldiers are stuffing their mouths full of cakes from the elaborate Christmas dinners left behind by the handful of village women who lived in Kravica. The air fills with the yodels and shouts of thousands of hungry Srebrenicans who follow the soldiers to gather sheep, cows, and oxen from the barns, potatoes and cabbage from the cellars, and anything else they can scrounge. Smoke billows toward the sky from dozens, perhaps hundreds, of houses set alight. drug asacol Because the brain works contralaterally, meaning that the right hemisphere is responsible for the left field of vision and the left hemisphere is responsible for the right field of vision, my clock drawing, which had numbers drawn on only the right side, showed that the right hemisphere—responsible for seeing the left side of that clock—was compromised, to say the least. Visual neglect, however, is not blindness. The retinas are still active and still sending information to the visual cortex; it’s just that the information is not being processed accurately in a way that enables us to “see” an image. A more accurate term for this, some doctors say, is visual indifference:35 the brain simply does not care about what’s going on in the left side of its universe.
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