ÔĽŅOver the following weeks, the sun disappeared from the Belgrade sky and the temperature sank. Every day Eric and an MSF administrator tried to gain official access papers to Vukovar, hoping to negotiate a ceasefire, bring medical supplies to the hospital, and carry out the planned evacuation. They chased from one government office to another where Communist-style apparatchiks happily clinked glasses of the plum brandy they kept in their cabinets, but refused to so much as direct them to those in charge of access to theratna zona. At last a functionary offered the name of a top general, but they never made it past his secretary. After numerous office visits and phone calls, they garnered only a threat: Call once again and Iíll toss you in prison. Delegates of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) faced similar frustrations in their negotiations for access to Vukovar. accutane buy online There was little in Ilijaz Pilavís background to make him fear or dislike Serbs. He grew up hearing stories of World War II, when a multipartied civil war had ripped apart the region. But elderly villagers told Ilijaz that the occupying armies and local militias that passed through Gladovi?i conducted themselves with honor andleft the civilians largely alone. Only one of Ilijazís family members, a grandfather, had been killed, but by which side, nobody knew or said.* * * IVIG
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